Earth Day

Discover our campaign for Earth Day!

In 2024, Youth Hostels celebrate Earth Day by protecting birds with nest boxes

From 15 April to 15 May 2024, our network of Youth Hostels is mobilising for Earth Day with a special fundraising campaign. In partnership with the Royal Belgian League for the Protection of Birds (LRBPO), we are highlighting the importance of bird conservation by providing them with safe habitats.

Our aim is simple but crucial: to build and install nest boxes in strategic locations across Wallonia and Brussels. These nest boxes will offer urban birds a safe haven in which to nest and raise their offspring, helping to boost local populations and preserve biodiversity in the heart of our cities.

By taking part in our campaign, you are making a direct contribution to protecting birds and preserving their fragile habitats. Every euro raised will be invested in the construction, installation and maintenance of these precious refuges for our feathered friends.

How can you take part?

From 15 April to 15 May 2024:

  • Book your next stay in one of our Hostels on our website, and add €1 to support the action
  • Or on site:
    - in one of the piggy banks available at receptions
    - via the QR code below

And that's not all: the Youth Hostels will donate an extra €1 for every €1 donated to LRBPO.

Join us in this great initiative to provide a safer and more welcoming environment for the birds that share our urban spaces. Together, let's create a future where the songs of birds continue to brighten up our cities and bear witness to the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

Every little donation counts ❤️

Let's make our voice heard for birds this Earth Day. 🌍🐦


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