Repair Café

What if, instead of throwing things away, we repaired them? 🛠️

Why not take part in a Repair Cafe? But what exactly are they? 🧐

Repairs Cafés are monthly get-togethers where people help and learn how to repair all kinds of objects together: small electrical appliances, clothes with holes in them, bicycles, computer equipment, etc.

The aim of these workshops is to encourage citizens to work together on repairs, thanks to a team of volunteers, and to combat waste... All in a friendly atmosphere over a good cup of coffee 😉

What do they do? Environmental, social, educational and economic.

Four great reasons to come and try out the Repairs Café!

Want to find out more about a Repair Café? Find out more here.

What about the Auberges? 🛏️

The Repais Café initiative is obviously in line with the values of our Auberges. By making our premises available to them, we hope to recreate a local dynamic. Indeed, these workshops help to foster social links, sharing, connection, exchange, encounters, etc. And what better place than the Auberges for this? Beyond the social aspect, there is also the desire to develop a certain circular economy and to offer everyone a win-win relationship. Of course, these workshops also aim to combat waste and have a positive impact on the planet. We're doing our bit every day through a range of actions that you can find out more about here.

Which Repair Café will you be attending next?

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