Forget everything you know about youth hostel breakfasts!

Two slices of processed toast and a dollop of peanut butter? Not here!

Eating at one of our youth hostels is nothing like being in a canteen. We serve up varied, balanced meals prepared by professionals using local, sustainable produce. And we work hard each and every day to bring you only the very best service.

Tasty food that’s packed with goodness!

We do our very best to bring you top-quality meals:

  • Our experienced chefs prepare our dishes with care and that all-important home-made touch.
  • We use local produce wherever possible.
  • We make sure our menus are always varied and balanced.
  • We do our bit for sustainability by making breakfast using organic produce and serving up ingredients that are in season.
  • We source locally – the food on your plate comes straight from our farmers.
  • We adhere to the requirements of our quality marks such as Green Key.
  • We’re flexible enough to cater to specific dietary requirements.

What’s more, unlike dining at a conventional restaurant, eating at one of our youth hostels is always a relaxed, friendly occasion that embodies the very spirit of our organisation.

Our catering service is primarily intended for groups, but individual guests can also book a seat for any of the meals served in our restaurant. We also offer snacks, refreshments and vacuum-packed ready meals.

And of course, we offer a selection of sit-down menus, buffets and refreshments for our meeting rooms.

For more details about what food is on offer, please go to the relevant hostel’s web page or contact the team for advice.


Breakfast is all about getting the day off to the right start with a hearty meal – and meeting new people too!

A sustainable, locally sourced both a breakfast is always included in the price of your stay. 

And there’s something for all tastes – whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something savoury.

Group meals

We offer a wide variety of possibilities for school parties, sports teams, families and team-building groups.

Our group meal options are designed with your needs in mind – and to make your stay with us as pleasant and straightforward as possible. 

To view our menus, check lower.


There’s no better way to socialise than with a drink at the bar. Our catering service also includes beverages, and all our bars serve up local drinks at affordable prices.