Our sustainable engagement

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in how we build and fit-out our hostels, as well as in our day-to-day activities. And we want to encourage all our visitors to do the same.

​Our organisation upholds universal values and pledges to protect the environment and promote sustainability.

We’re extremely proud to see our efforts rewarded by the Green Key mark.

“Green Key” is a voluntary mark awarded annually by an independent panel to organisations across the eco-friendly tourist accommodation sector.

The criteria are set internationally and apply to all countries worldwide, covering various aspects of environmental management:

  • Environmental policy
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Energy management
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Living environment
  • Environmental awareness

What we’re doing

Yes, our hostels really are sustainable!

Our hostels uphold and promote the values of sustainability and environmental protection.

All our staff are committed to applying these fundamental principles in their everyday work.

Here’s how we do it in practice:

1. Energy and water

  • Whenever we replace light bulbs and fittings, we use energy-efficient alternatives such as LED and energy-saving bulbs, and movement sensors.
  • Whenever we fit-out our hostels, we always install improved insulation and heat-saving systems.
  • We renovate and extend our hostels using “low energy” design (installing a heat recovery ventilation system).
  • We check how much energy and water we’re using every month.
  • Where technically possible, we replace shower heads and taps with water-saving alternatives and we install thermal solar panels and rainwater tanks to harness green energy.
  • In our rooms and communal areas, we put up special signs to encourage travellers to do a few simple things to save water and energy.
  • ...

2. ​Products

  • We use certified eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Our catering service uses high-quality, locally sourced and/or organic produce. 
  • We train our chefs to cook sustainably.
  • We limit the amount of food we waste and we vacuum-pack leftovers then serve them as snacks and refreshments.
  • We use reusable cups for certain activities and flasks for school parties
  • ...

3. Recycling and waste

  • We place waste sorting bins on every floor of our hostels, as well as waste paper baskets in our meeting rooms.
  • We use certified eco-friendly paper and only print out documents when absolutely necessary.
  • We source food in bulk wherever possible to keep packaging to a minimum (preserves, eggs, cereals, etc.), and we’ve trained our suppliers, who are fully on board with our policy. 
  • We don’t individually wrap bedding after washing it.
  • ...

And that’s not all...

What you can do!

Soutenez et participez, vous aussi à cette démarche :

You can help by doing your bit, too:

  • Book your stay directly with us. Every time you stay with us, we can reinvest the money in our sustainable projects.
  • Get involved in events at our hostels. 
  • Sort all your waste while you’re staying with us, turn off the taps and close the windows when you leave your room, and switch off the lights whenever possible.

Thank you for doing your bit – from us and from the planet!

What HI is doing around the world

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