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BelRefugees, why exactly?

Founded in 2015, BelRefugees is a Brussels-based citizens' platform that welcomes and helps people undergoing migration. Their mission doesn't stop there; it goes much further and intervenes at all the key moments of their integration: reception, responding to requests for information, training and assistance.

The platform helps these people to familiarise themselves with their new environment and find their place in it, with full respect for the individual and his or her choices.

BelRefugees fights every day for a more open and inclusive society. It also encourages compliance with a migration policy in line with international conventions.

Hostels get involved!

For several years now, when it's time to renew equipment, we've been calling on BelRefugees volunteers. In this way, our mattresses, chairs, etc. are given a second life by people in need. It's an important act of solidarity, but also a gesture for the planet!

In addition, in September 2023, we set up an action for the International Day of Peace, in collaboration with the Youth Hostels in Flanders, where our Hostels collected donations of clothing, hygiene products and small equipment for the occasion. Thanks to this action, a full van was sent to the BelRefugees warehouses for distribution. It was a wonderful experience shared with Michel, who has been a volunteer with BelRefugees for several years.

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You too can help, every little bit counts!

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