Our impact

The ASBL "Les Auberges de Jeunesse" has a significant impact on a number of levels, both socially and environmentally. Here are a few aspects of its impact:

A significant impact

The ASBL "Les Auberges de Jeunesse" has a significant impact, both socially and environmentally.

Here are the areas in which we are active and which give meaning to our mission for young people:

Promotion of social and cultural tourism: By promoting social and cultural tourism, the ASBL contributes to the development of young people and responsible citizenship. It offers travellers, particularly young people, an enriching experience by emphasising the discovery of new cultures, diversity and open-mindedness.

Affordability: By offering affordable overnight stays that include bed linen, overnight membership, and a sustainable breakfast, the ASBL makes travel accessible to a wide audience, including individual travellers and groups. This promotes inclusivity and allows more people to enjoy the Youth Hostel experience.

Sustainable development: The ASBL is firmly committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. It incorporates environmentally-friendly practices into its construction and development projects, and into the day-to-day running of its hostels. Sustainable initiatives, such as the "Clé Verte" label and participation in the worldwide Hostelling International network, bear witness to its commitment to preserving the planet.

Community involvement: By creating and maintaining a friendly atmosphere in its hostels, regardless of age, colour, religion, nationality, language, gender or opinion, the ASBL encourages community involvement. The hostels are places where people can meet, exchange ideas and share experiences, thereby helping to create social links.

Education and support: The support offered to groups from the moment they arrive until they leave is one of the ASBL's strong points. This goes beyond traditional accommodation by offering an educational experience, making it easier to discover the country and interact with the local community.

Affiliations and recognitions: The ASBL's affiliations with organisations such as Hostelling International, the International Organisation of Social Tourism, and the Confederation of Independent and Pluralist Youth Organisations, testify to its recognition at national and international level. This strengthens its position as a key player in the field of social and cultural tourism.

    Overall, our impact goes beyond traditional accommodation, playing a significant role in promoting values such as inclusiveness, sustainability and intercultural understanding.


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