Say Hi For Peace

As we do every year, we're taking part in the Hi for Peace! operation

What is Say Hi for Peace?

The Say HI for Peace campaign, originally known as Sleep for Peace, was launched by HI USA in 2013 in recognition of the important role hostels play in promoting cultural diversity and encouraging intercultural exchange that can lead to global dialogue.

We believe that through exploration and travel, we can better understand other cultures and, in turn, create a peaceful, smarter and more tolerant world.that's why we think it's important to promote tolerance and peace by celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace through our 'Say Hi for Peace' campaign.

The idea was then adopted by Hostelling International in 2015 and has since spread to HI hostels in over 32 countries.

Our hostels are committed!

Since 1933, when youth hostels were founded in Belgium, we have been striving to help make the world a better place, in particular by taking part every year in the "Say Hi for Peace" campaign, a solidarity initiative run by Hostelling International.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: "It's not enough to talk about peace. You have to believe in it. And it's not enough to believe in it. You have to work for it. So let's roll up our sleeves and work together for peace!"

How can we do that?

This year, the entire network of Brussels-Wallonia Youth Hostels, together with the Flemish network Vlaamse Jeugdherbergen, are joining forces to celebrate the United Nations Day for World Peace. Together, they will be organising a collection of clothing, hygiene products and small items to benefit BelRefugees between 21 and 24 September 2023.

The principle is simple: every guest, employee or outside person is invited to drop off clothes, hygiene products and small items in one of the ... hostels in Belgium.

Support our civic action

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