Staying at a hostel is all about getting together with others. And all our hostels are designed precisely with that in mind. Come discovering Wallonia and Brussel with your people!

Travelling as a group has never been easier!

Hostels are perfect to meet new people, to travel alone and to discover new places, but also to spend some time together with your group, with some more organisation... but we are here to help!

Travelling in a group of 10 or more?

With family? Great! There are so many things to discover!  
With friends? Wow! There are so many memories to be made!  
With your sports club? Perfect! Get your fill of your favourite sport! 
With colleagues? Super! For work or pleasure? We’ve got meeting rooms and team-building activities. 
With a school party? Of course! Your pupils will love our educational activities! All information is here (in French for now)

Here’s what we offer for groups:

  • A catering service designed around your needs!
  • Local, organic produce!
  • Professionals on-hand to organise whatever you need
  • Special classrooms, activity rooms, meeting rooms...  
  • Special bedrooms for accompanying adults and drivers
  • Parking spaces for coaches and busses


If you’re travelling in a party of 9 people or fewer, you’re considered “individual” travellers for booking purposes: you can then book directly in the online booking system.

From 10 people, there are 2 possibilities:

Go to our online booking system (on the left of this page), choose the youth hostel you want to stay at, then click “Group +10” when asked how many people are travelling. 

Then fill out the availability request, click send and we’ll forward your request to your chosen hostel. 

The hostel team will receive an email and get back to you in due course.

  • Direct with the youth hostel by email or telephone

Head to the tab Contact section to find your chosen hostel’s telephone number and email address.  

Not sure which hostel is right for you? Write to us by email or call us on +32 (0)2 219 56 76 for advice and further details. 

School groups

Have a look on our page for school groups (in French for now) where you can find all the information and advices to prepare your stay.
Our educational adviser is on-hand to help you arrange your stay!

  • Séjour scolaire

    Séjour scolaire

  • Séjour scolaire

    Séjour scolaire

Wandering stay

Looking for an original group travel?

We propose you to live a wandering experiance between our hostels: a low-tourism experience. Travelling is part of the journey: you take public transport, walk or cycle.

Discover our trips on foot or by bike!
Try our loops or plan a return trip over a weekend!

The Hicycle Tour (with your bike)

  • The weekend trip (one night)
  • The West Loop (5 days)
  • The East Loop (5 days)
  • The Big Loop (10 days)

The Hiking Tour (by foot)

  • The weekend wandering (one night)
  • Wandering hike of 3 days (2 nights): Namur - Bouillon
  • Wandering hike of 3 days (2 nights): Liège – Malmedy
  • Wandering hike of 6 days (5 nights)

When you book your whole Hicycle or Hiking Tour directly with the first hostel or your trip, you get a Welcoming Pack (one roadbook, a badge and a passport per person) and the special price of 25€ per person and per night!

Some of the advantages of this itinerant school trip, ideal for :

  • getting to know each other or strengthening ties
  • developing self-confidence
  • overcoming fears
  • living a human and collective experience
  • becoming involved as citizens for society and the planet (soft mobility and thematic challenges)
  • building a collective travel story
  • encouraging a spirit of adventure and enterprise

For which groups?

Number of participants: a small group (ideally less than 7). For practical and safety reasons, it is not adviced to walk or cycle with a group of more than 20 people. However, if you are prepared to walk/cycle in separate groups, it is always possible to space out your departures.
Level: we tried to make these itinerant trips accessible to all. Of course, you have to be willing to walk or ride! The physical activity lasts from 4 to 5 hours per day. Some routes are easier than others. Choose the one that suits your group best.
Age: from 14 years old

More info on the Hicycle Tour and Hiking Tour? Click here (currently in French).

Information and booking for a wandering tour:


Infos and reservation for a stay with or without activities in the chosen hostel (or via the online booking system):

  • Hostels in NATURE

Bouillon : | Champlon : | Malmedy :

  • Hostels in the CITY

Bruxelles : for the hostel « Génération Europe » | for the hostel  « Jacques Brel » |Charleroi | Liège : | Mons : |Namur : | Tournai :

For a wandering stay in several hostels:


Does your group prefer to travel elsewhere in the world? Our Hostelling International network has plenty of destinations for you!

Does your school or group plan a trip further away?

Do you guys want to break out of your country’s borders?
Is there a special trip planned and you want to treat your school to an adventure outside Belgium?

Hostelling International got you covered!
Present worldwild and specialized in school- and group trips in all countries we have the right offer for your school / group, but also for any other group stay.
Get inspired on our group page and book your adventure abroad now: 

Did you know?
The membership is also valid in all the other countries so you will always benefit from the membership benefits as well as from good school conditions!