SPARKOH ! (ex. Pass : Parc d'Aventures Scientifiques)


adapted to

  • Families
  • Children
  • Schools


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Adults : 9,50 € instead of 10 €
Children : 5 € instead of 8 €

Scholars groups :
5 € instead of 7,50 € 

More about it

"Discover in an original and entertaining way the place of sciences in our daily lives !"

  • Thematic areas (15 interactif exhibitions)
  • Indoor tree climbing 
  • Outside area (playground, garden, slag heap) 
  • Palace of images (projected movie upon a giant cube) 
  • Free parking 
  • Cafetaria 
  • Souvenir shop 

SPARKOH! (ex. Pass), scientifically proven emotions

In the heart of Hainaut, SPARKOH! (formerly the Pass) is an original science centre for young and old! "Spark" for spark, "OH!" for emotion, SPARKOH! is 12,000m² of indoor and 6,000m² of outdoor space for a whole day of playing, feeling, exploring, discovering and experimenting with science and technology while having fun. Interactive exhibitions, fun workshops, a cinema room, a Biodiversity Garden, an acrobatic course and an outdoor playground: science will never stop surprising you! Whether at an exhibition or in a workshop, there is no question of remaining inactive!

The building in which many of the scientific exhibitions are housed, as well as the park located on a 28-hectare former mining site, have been redeveloped by the internationally renowned architect Jean Nouvel. 
SPARKOH! invites its visitors to enjoy the surrounding landscape and to contemplate the biodiversity of the slag heap.  
The themes are diverse: digital, chemistry, water, sport, energy, robotics, the human body and many more... There is something for all tastes and all ages! 
Dozens of activities for everyone, with the family, with the school or in groups!

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