Best reasons to stay at our hostels

  • It’s affordable

    A youth hostel is a great way to travel on a budget. Our prices start from €22 per person per night including bedding, breakfast and use of all the hostel facilities. So you can still explore Brussels and Wallonia on a shoestring!

  • Free Wi-Fi everywhere

    Free Wi-Fi is available throughout all our youth hostels, so you can stay connected to the world and plan the next leg of your trip.

  • It’s all about sharing

    Our youth hostels are known for their great atmosphere and a sense of shared community. Share your ideas of things to see and do at reception or over a drink at the bar. Share your room (or don’t, if you prefer a bit of privacy!). Share breakfast with a group of Brazilians. Hostels are about sharing everything and anything!

  • You meet great people

    Whether you opt for a private room or stay in a shared dormitory, youth hostels are all about meeting new people.

    Staying at a hostel opens your eyes to the world – have breakfast with a group of Brazilians, explore the city with a French person you met at reception, or attend the hostel concert with your room-mates.

  • Great staff

    Our staff are always on-hand to welcome you, share their tips and help with your travel plans.  Our people come from all walks of life and different parts of the world. But they share one thing in common – a love of travel and the area where they live.

  • Great atmosphere

    The atmosphere is what makes a hostel so different from a hotel. 

    Just come as you are and relax. And the atmosphere changes daily as people leave and new ones arrive. One day it might be quiet and relaxed. But the next day you might find music playing and a real party vibe. You never know what to expect – and that’s what makes travelling so interesting! 

  • It’s good for the environment

    We’re proud to bring you an eco-friendly way to travel. All our youth hostels hold the Green Key mark and follow policies and procedures that are respectful of the environment and people. 

  • You get to use the kitchen

    Here’s another great way to save money on your travels – you can use the communal kitchen at all of our hostels, so you can cook your own meals or make a packed lunch to take with you. There’s also a fridge where you can keep your food chilled. And the kitchen is the perfect place to meet people too! 

  • It’s clean and safe

    Our youth hostels have changed a lot since 1933! They’ve become much more professional places and are now comfortable and safe and offer a great experience.