Top 7 castles in the Bouillon region


par Lola

Have you ever heard of Godefroid de Bouillon and his castle?  Yes? Then did you know that the province of Luxembourg is full of other little-known castles? To make things easier, we've selected 7 castles for you! 

Herbeumont castle

A must-see in the region is undoubtedly the medieval ruins near the small village of Herbeumont! Classified as "Patrimoine Majeur de Wallonie", they will appeal to history fans and nature lovers alike. Travelers can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Semois River from the castle's rocky ridge.

Liresse Castle

Do you like tales and legends? Then the history of this castle is sure to fascinate you! The story goes that the place was once inhabited by a pagan community who idolized a golden calf, but that the poor beast ended up at the bottom of a well when the inhabitants adopted a religion.

If this legend doesn't frighten you, we strongly recommend a visit to the ruins of Liresse castle, set in a beautiful Ardennes forest.

Orval Abbey

Lovers of good food can't afford to miss this Belgian gastronomic place! Orval Abbey's recipe for success lies in its world-famous Trappist cheese and beer. Although the monastery is not strictly speaking a castle, its imposing Cistercian architecture is well worth a visit.

Le Chateau le Duc

A bit of imagination is required if you want to visit Château Le Duc: only a few ruins remain of this great fortress built in the 9th century. However, you shouldn't regret your visit, as the castle is set in the heart of a lovely green setting typical of the Belgian Ardennes. A change of scenery guaranteed!

La-Roche-en-Ardenne feudal castle

If you're traveling to the province of Luxembourg with children, a visit to this feudal castle is a great family activity! The castel of La-Roche-en-Ardenne often organizes fun activities on the theme of the Middle Ages: medieval brunch, falconry show, torchlight walk... You're bound to find an activity to suit you.

Montquintin Castle

Would you like to discover the cultural heritage of the Belgian Ardennes while contributing to a good cause? Then don't miss out on the Montquintin fortress! Abandoned for a century, the castel has risen from the ashes thanks to the enthusiasm of a few history buffs. In exchange for an annual membership fee, they'll be delighted to show you around this site classified as "Wallonia's Outstanding Heritage".

Bouillon castle

Last but not least, Bouillon Castle is a must-see in the province of Luxembourg. Its impressive feudal fortresses, built on three large rocks, still hide many secrets, and the castle offers young visitors the chance to go in search of them on a treasure hunt!

Follow in the footsteps of medieval lords in the Bouillon region, and you'll have an unforgettable vacation in Wallonia!

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