Travelling differently: our itinerant holidays

Discover Belgium with our hostel-to-hostel itineraries, on foot or by bike.

Travel from hostel to hostel!

You love to travel, and so do we!

We invite you to discover Belgium in a different way, on foot or by bike, from one hostel to another.

Choose an itinerary on foot or by bike


6-day walking/backpacking itinerary between hostels in southern and eastern Wallonia.

  • South loop: 3 days (2 nights), 51 kms, Namur - Bouillon - Namur
  • Small loop East: 3 days (2 nights), 64 kms, Liège - Malmedy - Liège
  • Grande boucle Est: 6 days (5 nights), 115 kms Namur - Bouillon, Liège to Malmedy.

Each stage follows Grande Randonnée (GR) trails, all marked with two horizontal red and white lines.

*Some sections of the route must be completed by train.


10-day eco-responsible itinerant tour linking the 10 youth hostels in Wallonia and Brussels.

  • Le grand Huit : A 600 km loop in 10 days takes you from Brussels to Hainaut, from the Province of Luxembourg to the Eastern Cantons, for a memorable trip on beautiful cycling routes.

If you wish, you can split this tour into 2 loops:

  • Small West loop: 5 days (4 nights), 300 km of roads with low gradients, passing through Brussels, Tournai, Mons, Charleroi and Namur.
  • East loop: 5 days (4 nights), 350 km of more challenging, hilly roads, passing through Namur, Bouillon, Champlon, Malmedy and Liège.

*Some sections of the route must be completed by train.

Book your accomodation

Book by email with your departure hostel** (who will take care of booking all the nights).

1. Indicate your chosen itinerary

2. Specify dates of stay and place of departure

3. Book and receive GPX tracks

** Reservations with the hostel must be made in advance.


Ask directly at the hostels concerned about the possibilities of meals on site or to take away.

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