Choco Story, Atelier chocolat Bruxelles Belgique


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More about it

" Choco-story Brussels invits you to the universe of chocolate from his origins to the finished product" 

  • Chocolate workshop including a demonstration 
  • Several tastings of different chocolates 
  • Interactive terminals 
  • Games around taste and smell of chocolate 
  • Souvenir shop 

A gourmet activity while learning !

Choco-Story Brussels is located next to the famous Manekken-Pis, and invites you to time travel, from the Aztecs and Maya origins to the finished product of today, the chocolat is not going to have secrets for you anymore ! 

While walking around in the museum, you will explore the chocolate's culture through videos, games, sculptures (one is made with 400 kg of chocolate) and also diverse objects of collection in link with chocolate... not to mention the demonstration realised by a master chocolatier ! 

A must-see visit since Belgium is famous all over the world for the quality of the chocolate ! 

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