Museum of Beer and Peket



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More about it

" A must-see visit to immerse yourself in the belgian culture !"

  • Tasting of beers, peket and apple juice
  • Museum located in a dungeon of the 12th century 
  • Temporary exhibition 
  • Local shop
  • Vaulted cellars 
  • Snack bar 

Notice to fans of beers... you are going to love it!

The museum of Beer and Peket welcomes you in the heart of the Avoueries castle of Anthisnes (former residence of Hauts Voués) and takes you in the history of the beer which already started 12 000 years ago. The processus of the beer's fabrication will be explained to the visitor but also the reasons of its creation ! 

Several activities are proposed such as beer brewing workshop, zythology classes, ... 

You will learn more about the history of the knights of the castle thanks to one of the castle's guide. 

Every visit is followed by a tasting in the vaulted cellars ! So, are you in? 

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