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"Immersion in a typical village of Ardennes on the old-fashioned school benches!"

  • Sound and light tour with 3D scenery
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  • Mobile App, audioguide 
  • Scenes with a dialogue of Wallonia 
  • Restaurant with local specialities 
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An area dedicated to a belgian writer, Arhur Masson, but also dedicated to the rural life at that time!

L'Espace Arthur Masson is located at the entrance of the village named Treignes, and is divided in 3 differents buildings : the kindergarten school, the girls' school and the boys' school. The visitor jumps into the past and uses the material of that time. One hour class in 1932: the slate, the ink pot, the pen... not to mention the authority of the teacher at that time, pay attention to the punishments ;-) 

A light and sound tour with a 3D scenery is representing the evolution of the rural daily life from 30's to 60's with the characters imagined by Arthur Masson himself!

L'Espace Arthur Masson owns a piece of artwork from Claude Rahir, a fountain with 3 sculpture showing a typical scene of the rural life. 

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